The Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Association (CHNA) is in place to promote the health, safety and welfare of Castleberry Hill. This is done through the preservation, restoration, and rejuvenation of the Castleberry Hill neighborhood, the improvement of the quality of life for all residents who live therein, and the provision of a means of bringing the residents together to foster the discussion and resolution of community problems and interests as well as other programs and proposals.

Nextdoor is a private social network for neighbors to talk online and build happier, safer places to call home. We can quickly get the word out about a break-in through the text alert system, organize a neighborhood watch group, track down a handyman or dog walker, find a lost dog and best of all, get to know your neighbors! Click and sign-up today!

The CHNA is a 501(c)(3) organization, see letter here.

Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 4597
Atlanta, GA 30302
General CHNA Line – 404-913-9246