Looking to open a business in Castleberry Hill? Here are some suggestions to help you navigate the many factors of opening a new business in the city and in our community.

1. Get to know the community. Attend the Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Association meeting on the 3rd Monday of the month (check calendar to confirm location) and read up on the Landmark District Regulations, which govern build-outs, liquor licenses and other permitted uses.

2. Know your NPU: Neighborhood Planning Unit. Castleberry Hill is in NPU-M – http://npumatlanta.org

The City of Atlanta is divided into twenty-five Neighborhood Planning Units or NPUs, which are citizen advisory councils that make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on zoning, license use, alcohol license and other planning issues. The NPU system was established in 1974 to provide an opportunity for citizens to participate actively and to receive information concerning all functions of city government. The system enables citizens to express ideas and comment on city plans and proposals while assisting the city in developing plans that best meet the needs of their communities.

3. Know your City of Atlanta and State Representatives:

4. Investigate options for a successful business, before you sign a lease.

5. How to get your business through the process:

6. Get Involved: Join the CHNA


CHNA Exec Meeting – 1st Monday at 7:00pm – Confirm location on calendar, contact president@castleberryhill.org to be added to agenda.

CHNA General Meeting – 3rd Monday at 7:00pm – Confirm location on calendar, contact president@castleberryhill.org to be added to agenda.

NPU-M: Public Safety Committee – 3rd Thursday at 6:00pm – Helene Mills Senior Center, 515 John Wesley Dobbs, Atlanta, GA 30312 – http://npumatlanta.org

NPU-M: Land Use/Executive Board – 2nd Monday at 6:30pm – Atlanta Medical Center, 320 Parkway Drive, Atlanta, GA 30312 – http://npumatlanta.org (pull into parking lot and take ticket, hit buzzer at front sliding glass door if it doesn’t open and state you are here for the meeting, walk straight ahead to the back room, when leaving press the call button from the exit gate, generally they just buzz you out after a few dialing attempts)

NPU-M General Body Meeting – 4th Monday at 6:30pm – Helene Mills Senior Center, 515 John Wesley Dobbs, Atlanta, GA 30312 – http://npumatlanta.org

Questions to Ensure You Can Answer for Neighborhood Meetings

    1. How will applicant monitor/control loitering and panhandling?
    2. How will applicant monitor and enforce illegal consumption on property?
    3. Will applicant provide a uniformed security guard if panhandling, loitering or illegal activity is reported?
    4. Has the applicant read the city code and the neighborhood zoning restrictions?
    5. Will the applicant comply fully with all code, zoning restrictions and laws?
    6. How will the applicant maintain the property and how often?   Property maintenance includes building, parking lots, sidewalks, litter (postcards/pamphlets, cups, bottle caps, trash,  cigarette butts, etc) to the curb of the street.
    7. Is the applicant aware of the city/neighborhood sign ordinance?
    8. Does the applicant own or lease?
    9. Who is the primary point of contact to raise issues?
    10. Will applicant or representative attend monthly meetings?
    11. Will applicant join the Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Association and help contribute to the neighborhood?