The Atlanta Police Department (APD) developed a list of the top 20 high crime neighborhoods in the City of Atlanta of which Castleberry Hill was listed as one of the neighborhoods.  Through a collaborative effort with Georgia Power Company (GPC), the Department of Public Works (DPW), APD and neighborhood representatives, the campaign began to improve these communities by identifying areas in need of better lighting.

A night time survey of the street lights was conducted with APD, GPC and DPW canvasing the entire Castleberry Hill community.  Several lights were noted to be in need of repair by GPC and DPW.  In addition to identifying street lights that were not operating, we also, made an assessment of areas that could be improved upon by cutting back overgrown vegetation and tree limbs. Other areas were noted for additional lighting.

From the list our street light technicians conducted a field assessment of each street light to determine the severity of the street light outage.  The problems found ranged from a burned out light bulbs to needing complete rewiring. For those areas where request for additional lighting was submitted, DPW investigated the locations and made the determination to either increase the existing wattage or have GPC install another streetlight at the requested location.

DPW forces along with GPC crews repaired and installed over 30 existing and new street lights throughout Castleberry Hill.  The campaign should be finishing up, but we are always available to receive additional information regarding request for street lighting.

Below is a table of the areas and problems found during the night time survey of the lights that are maintained by the City of Atlanta and anticipated to be corrected in September.

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