film imageDaytime Divas is filming at GE Lofts, 172 Haynes Street SW, and on Bradberry Street, near 232 Bradberry St, on Sept 2nd. Prep work will happen today and actual filming on the 2nd. They will also film on the Spur (gravel driveway behind GE Lofts). The notification letter is attached. The notice has a start time of 6am but we’ve notified the production company of neighborhood guidelines and they are starting at 7am.

Please note Road Closures on Sept 2nd. All residents will have access and be allowed to pass. Just notify officers that you are a resident.

* Haynes St between Peters St and Walker Street from 7am-11am with intermittent traffic control from 11am- 1pm
* Bradberry St between Fair and Haynes from 9am-2pm
* No Street parking on Bradberry St between 6am- 3pm
* No parking in the Spur from 11am-1pm

Notification Letter