This area is established for the purposes of filming contacts, schedules, and other information pertinent to Castleberry Hill residents and businesses as well as the filming and production companies. The Castleberry Hill neighborhood has been used numerous times for filming from TV to the big screen and everything in between. The classic look and charm of the neighborhood, the buildings that have been restored but retain their historic look and feel, the skyline views of the city, the convenience of being downtown, the trains, the art galleries, and of course plenty of people willing to open their homes and businesses all make Castleberry Hill very conducive to filming.

Most filming in GA is permit-free, though notifying the neighborhood of filming and street/lane closures keeps residents and business owner happy. Please email regarding filming in Castleberry Hill. Click here for the Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Filming Guidelines & Rates.

More information on filming, permits, etc start here:

Georgia Film Office Filming Information

Georgia Film & Video Help Wanted Hotline

Georgia Film Office Location Submission

Georgia Film & Video Oz Sourcebook

Click here to email the CHNA concerning filming in Castleberry Hill

Have a loft/condo/business in Castleberry Hill and want to welcome filming to it? Let us know!

Upcoming Filming Schedules

Please notify if you know of filming happening or have questions about filming in the neighborhood

  • Sleepy Hollow S3 (Fox) – Filming at Norfolk-Southern, 125 Spring St, Tuesday August 4th, Wednesday August 5th, Friday August 7thContact: Matt Messina,, 404-618-1016 EXT. 124. Lane closures with intermittent traffic controls:
    • Western Most Parking Lane and Sidewalk of Spring St SW; between Garnett St SW and Brotheron St SW, Wednesday (8/5/15) 7:00 AM through Thursday (8/6/15) 7:00 AM
    • See full notification letter here
  • Born Again Virgin – filming at Ty Stokes, base camp on private HJ Russell property on Nelson St. Contact: Chris Askew,, 404-664-7489
  • Containment S1 (CW) – Staging/prep Aug 3-10 (notification letter) with East parking lane of Walker St from Larking 500′ South for production trucks. This will commence with an overnight shoot Aug 13-14 from 6am-6am (notification letter). We are awaiting word on if there will be intermittent traffic controls (ITCs), etc. The East and West parking lanes of Walker St from Larkin to Peters has been permitted for, along with the sidewalk on the East side of Walker. Call 404-900-7829 with any issues.

Past Filming Credits

*many music videos have been shot in Castleberry Hill as well, but we don’t have a complete list, send us a link to the production (movie, tv, video…) if you know of some we are missing.