Castleberry Hill is a historic creative neighborhood in Downtown Atlanta located adjacent to and southwest of the Central Business District and GA Dome/GWCC complex. Bordered by MLK Jr. Dr, Spring St, Whitehall and Northside Dr, it is a federally recognized historic district since 1985 and became a City of Atlanta Landmark District, the 8th such designation, in 2006. A designated ‘landmark’ district’ helps preserve the neighborhood from overzealous developers.

This area was originally part of the renegade Snake Nation community but by the Civil War was becoming industrial with terra cotta and other building material factories, cotton warehousing and grocers, one of whom, Daniel Castleberry, it is named for. By the early 1900s it had fallen on hard times where it remained until the 1980s where it was the backdrop for dystopic films such as Freejack and Kalifornia. Additionally, Driving Miss Daisy was filmed in the neighborhood as well as the Farrelly Brothers comedy Hall Pass, The Walking Dead and many Tyler Perry films. Production companies often choose Castleberry Hill as a backdrop due to the historic quality and New York-style loft living. Loft conversions began in the 80s and by 1992 there were 120 lofts with 150 residents, the 1996 Olympics saw another influx of development. The population has grown considerably since then.

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