chacCastleberry Hill Athletic Club and the Neighborhood Association hosted the first annual Soccer mARTch!, a unique event combining Soccer and the Arts. The soccer element included both social and competitive 3 vs 3 soccer tournaments organized by Dragon-Goal USA, a small-sided pop up soccer field solution, and Sons of Pitches, the largest in-town soccer league in Atlanta. Soccer in the Streets set up a tournament for kids from John Hope Homes Community Center and Vine City Football Club, with all players taking home a medal and the champions taking a trophy to remember the event. The intent of Soccer mARTch! is to raise awareness about in-town soccer as well as our current project to construct a multi-purpose park at Old Trenholm. Learn more about this project by visiting this link: http://castleberryaccom/CHAC_Proposal_2015.pdf

Castleberry Hill AC’s goal is to complete Old Trenholm for next year’s Soccer mARTch! in time to kick off Atlanta United’s inaugural season. Situated just a short walk from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, we plan to grow the event and incorporate a true Soccer March to welcome our newest professional team!

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