laneclosureCrews will start construction to adjust the granite curbs along Peters Street on Feb 8th.

‘No Parking ‘ will need to be enforced between Haynes St and Fair St going south starting on Monday, Feb.8 @ 9:00 AM for the first phase, closing the right lane along the curb.

The lane closure will move up as construction progresses as they  pass Fair St  and complete activities at Walker St.  Due to the nature of the work being performed the lane will remain closed on a 24 hour basis from that day forward until substantial completion has been achieved. This work will have little impact on the northbound and southbound thru lanes which run along the centerline.

Traffic control crews will begin placing signs and other devices on Feb. 4 & 5 to begin the process of public outreach.

Please send any questions with regards to these plans to Daniel Krisman, General Superintendent,