Code of Ordinances (MuniCode)

Noise Control Ordinances

Sec 74-136(a): No person shall cause; allow, or permit the operation of any noise source on a particular category of property or any public property or right-of-way in such a manner as to create a sound level that exceeds the background sound level by ten dBA or more during daytime hours (7:01am-9:00pm) or five dBA or more during nighttime hours (9:01pm – 7:00am) when measured within the real property line of a receiving property…
Sec 74-136(a)(1)*Given background levels can be tough to determine, the Maximum Permissible Levels for a Residential Receiving Property is 55 dBA daytime, 50 dBA nighttime and at no time shall noise levels be produced that exceed 65 dB(C) Leq (one min.) at a receiving real property line

Sec 74-136(b)(1): During daytime hours, sound emanating from any noise source shall be limited in volume, tone and intensity so that the sound shall not be plainly audible to any person at a distance of 200 or more feet from the real property line of any private property on which the noise source is located, or from any noise source located on any public property or public right-of-way (2) at a distance of 50 or more feet during nighttime hours.


Commissioners Office: Signifies calls from off duty officers working security letting 911 know when they are working and when they leave (they’re supposedly just “administrative” calls).


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