City of Atlanta Code Enforcement – reporting, what they do, contacts

Code Enforcement List – Feb, 2016
The following list was constructed February, 2016 for the Dept of Corrections Love Our City Community Improvement Campaign. If you know owners of these properties, please encourage them to be good neighbors and stewards of our community so we can start marking them off! If you have additional or would like to further report on these, please call the 311 customer service line Monday – Friday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., report to or send an email to

1. Graffiti on Bottleworks building on Markham side
2. Lots of trash near intersection of Markham & Haynes
3. Debris/Branches- Mangum & Chapel (around old tree)
4. Illegal shack on Nelson & Tatnall- covered w/ black plastic tarp behind cyclone fence, has been there for several years. Clearly illegal.
5. Graffiti at Nelson & Tatnall (on wall around dumpster)
6. Cardboard boxes on sidewalk on Tatnall, between Chapel & Northside
7. Graffiti adjacent/behind illegal shack on Tatnall (visible from Nelson)
8. Graffiti on storage at gate entrance on Nelson (near “Rise Up” mural)
9. Tent city seems to be building up  on Nelson & Haynes, two tents there so far (on old Bible College lot)
10. Graffiti on green telephone or junction box and on brick wall on both sides of Chapel street
11. Graffiti on empty lot near Norwood Construction (near Walker & Fair )
12. Graffiti near Larkin & Walker, on both sides of Larkin
13. Tree and lots of debris on Larkin dumped on empty lot across from funeral home
14. Cement block walls tilting dangerously, seem to be a danger at Northside & Larkin
15. Debris and trash at Trenholm & Larkin (all along sidewalk)
16. Construction debris, empty lot on Trenholm next to road
17. Graffiti on back of building which is next to 327 Peters and across from 335 Peters
18. Graffiti on 335 Peters
19. Overgrown lot, lots of trash and huge cactus growing over sidewalk on Hill Avenue – next to 324 Hill Avenue, across from Hill Avenue Baptist Church
20. Old sofa abandoned on sidewalk near intersection of Hill & Northside
21. Graffiti on Haynes side of 158 Walker building
22. Sidewalk and drain collapsed and broken at Texaco gas station on Northside & McDaniel
23. Garbage, overgrown weeds and graffiti on empty lot between 335 Peters & Storehouse Lofts (lot is advertised for sale)
24. Graffiti on 315/317 Peters building on Walker Street side of building
25. Graffiti on fence near 256 Walker Street and adjacent to American Laundry Building
26. Abandoned trashcan on Walker Street across from Larkin & Walker, near skate shop on Walker
27. Graffiti on brick building at Walker & Fair
28. Graffiti and old worn down boards on building on Walker near 323 Walker
29. Graffiti and old boards at 315/217 Peters – “Trapavelli”
30. Old boards on window and graffiti at 327 & 331 Walker
31. Trash all along east side of Peters Street near Peters & Fair
32. Graffiti on brick building alongside railroad tracks behind Pork and Beef Packers building
33. Graffiti on back of building at Peters and Fair