zucotThe May 21st ‘Art Tasting’ is one of Zucot Gallory’s signature events! The Art Tasting experience is responsible for creating more new collectors and educating existing art collectors than any other forum that we offer. Conducted for numerous Fortune 500 companies and countless clients and featured in major publications, the ‘Art Tasting’ is a truly unique and eye opening event. The ‘Tasting’ will be led by gallery partner Onaje Henderson and gallery artist Aaron F. Henderson.
The Art Tasting experience gives clients an informal, hands-on, and interactive way to appreciate art in a comfortable environment and also provides an open forum for discussion on topics related to:

– The creation of an art piece
– Materials used to create a piece
– Art as an investment (Why collecting is important)
– Value added information and resources

To accommodate for seating, please RSVP. This event is free and open to the public. All attendees are asked to present by 1:15pm, the ‘Tasting’ will begin promptly at 1:30pm.

Directions to Zucot Gallery