A developer has filed an application for rezoning of 10 pieces of property to REMOVE restrictions on the MRC2 zoning and convert the entire block (10 parcels) into a Park for Hire.  The property owner is requesting that the entire property continue to be zoned MRC-2, but is requesting that “Park for Hire Surface Parking Lots” use be REMOVED as a prohibited use and ADDED as a permitted use in the MRC-2 classification.  Find below a link to the application as well as maps of the proposed change location.

Castleberry Hill Rezoning Application

Proposed Rezoning

Google Map View







As of 10/30/2013, the City of Atlanta has pulled controversial legislation that would have Amended the Zoning Map of the City of Atlanta to designate our neighborhood part of the Georgia Dome Parking Overlay District.  Links to the Ordinance and Maps can be found here.

Georgia Dome Parking Overlay_Zoning Ordinance_

Georgia Dome Parking Overlay Map

New businesses looking at opening in Castleberry Hill should check the City of Atlanta website for information on Obtaining a Business License.

Checking in with Invest Atlanta concerning incentives for starting a business in Castleberry Hill would also be advised.

External renovations in keeping with the Landmark Districting Regulations will need to go through UDC – Urban Design Commission.

For more information on permits for street closures, building permits, etc visit the city site: http://www.atlantaga.gov/index.aspx?page=148

Those seeking to Obtain a Permit for Liquor License will need to reach out to the APD-LRB License Review Board (404-853-4470) and NPU-M in order to start the process. You will also need to visit the CHNA Exec (1st Monday) and General (3rd Monday) meetings.

Liquor License Process:
*Please note that the proper procedure is to contact the CHNA Exec Board concerning approval by the General Body prior to appearing before NPU-M.

Important Meetings:

  • CHNA Exec Board Meeting is the 1st Monday @ 7:00pm at Location: TBD
  • NPU-M Public Safety Meeting is the 1st Thursday @ 6:30pm at Helene Mills Senior Center, 515 John Wesley Dobbs 30312
  • CHNA General Meeting is the 3rd Monday @ 7:00pm at The Granite Room, 211 Peters St
  • NPU-M General Meeting is the 4th Monday @ 6:30pm at Helene Mills Senior Center, 515 John Wesley Dobbs Ave 30312