This area is devoted to helping area residents understand the NPU (Neighborhood Planning Units) and UDC (Urban Design Commission) of Atlanta.

What is an NPU?

Created in 1975, the neighborhood Planning System consists of all city neighborhoods grouped into 24 Neighborhood Planning Units (NPU’s). these NPUs are the principal means for facilitating citizen participation in the City’s planning process. Castleberry Hill is in NPU-M, which also includes Bedford Pine, Butler Street, Downtown, Grady/Antoine Graves, Old Fourth Ward, Techwood Homes, & U-Rescue Villa (full list).

NPUs meet on a monthly basis. Issues that are considered include zoning issues, park event applications, liquor license renewals, and environmental issues. Membership is open to anyone 18 or older whose primary residence is within the NPU, or any corporation, organization, institution or agency that owns property or has a place of business or profession within the NPU. In order to vote you must have attended 2 meetings within the year. In general, the NPU asks that anyone seeking a permit, variance, etc. to first go the neighborhood association in the area that will be affected by the request. In the case of Castleberry Hill, it is the Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Association (CHNA). The NPU is not bound by the CHNA vote although generally it does vote in the same way. The NPU’s vote goes to the appropriate city department (i.e. the zoning review board, liquor license board, etc.) but the city may choose to make a decision both to CHNA and the NPU.

Meetings (visit websites to confirm):

Meeting Day/Time Location Contacts
NPU-M General 4th Monday
Helene Mills Senior Center
515 John Wesley Dobbs
Rashid Muhammed – Chair
UDC 2nd & 4th Wednesday
Council Chambers at City Hall
68 Mitchell St. SW
Doug Young – Public Info Officer

Links for more information: